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Not sure what your favorite chocolate lover might like or when their available for a class? Just get them one of these convenient gift certificates that will allow them to pick out exactly what they want. After purchase you can enter their email and have the certificate emailed to them so they can use it online, or you can print it out so you can hand it to them personally. Make a your chocophile’s imagination run wild with possibilities of bars they can sample and classes to teach them the ins and outs of chocolate making. Get a $25 certificate so they can get a selection of our different delicious origin chocolates, get a $50 certificate so they can sign up for one of the great bean-to-bar chocolate making classes we offer every month on O’ahu, or get them a $100 certificate so they can have a class and a chocolate sampling!

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organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

Ruby-red Hibiscus flowers infuse their exquisite aroma and tanginess into a smooth, deep chocolate we stone grind from Dominican Republic cacao. The beautiful bright red blossoms of hibiscus are used around the world to make a refreshing tart drink called Bissap in West Africa, Karkady in the Middle East, Jamaica in Mexico, Krajiap in Thailand, and Sorrel in Jamaica. Regardless of where it is drunk, hibiscus is renowned around the world for reducing fever and lowering blood pressure, boosting the healthiness of our already antioxidant rich chocolate with a fruity tanginess that complements the chocolate's smooth rich taste and will make it hard for you to resist.

$6.50 for a 1.5 oz bar
Triple Cacao

organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

quintuple award winner

A one-of-a-kind blend of three forms of the plant we hold dearest: tangy cacao pulp from Brazil and bold cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic are blended into a smooth Dominican chocolate to make a splendid trifecta! This bar represents the history of cacao as it moved from being used for its pulp in the trees origins in South America up into Central America where chocolate was discovered thousands of years ago. Winner of the US Gold medal, World Silver Medal, and  Americas Silver medal in the International Chocolate Awards inclusion category and the NW Chocolate Festival Inclusions Silver medal.

$11 for a 1.5 oz bar


Delicious and Original Chocolate Bars Currently Available

This chocolate is made with cacao purchased directly from an organic farm cooperatives in Central America and Hawaii and crafted from bean to bar in small batches. Our processing preserves a high level of healthy antioxidants and provides a rich delightful flavor. 

At Madre Chocolate we use a selection of traditional fruits and spices of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, and Barra tribes of Central America that invented chocolate, to both celebrate their cultural heritage and bring you delicious original flavors that few have had the privilege of tasting…until now.

Enticing flavors in two lines


Ever wonder what chocolate tasted like when it sprung from the minds of the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec civilizations that invented it? Now you can taste that story with our bars inspired by traditional recipes using Mexican flavors in bold dark chocolate we make from Central American and Caribbean cacao.


Inspired by the delicious bounty of Hawai’i’s fresh fruit, herbs, and spices, we have captured these local flavors in bars with rich dark chocolate made from Hawaiian-grown cacao. As Hawai’i is the only place in the US where cacao can be grown, this is true locavore chocolate!

All of our products are vegan and soy-free. Most chocolate has soy-lecithin in it as an emulsifier. Our chocolate does not, so it is fine for those who have soy allergies.

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Limited Edition Chocolate Bar Club

Xocolatl Latin American organic fair-trade chocolate bars

Kokoleka unique Hawaiian grown & made chocolate bars

Five-bar Chocolate sampler pack

Deluxe Chocophile Gift Box

Bean-to-bar chocolate making kit

Cinnamon Daddy Mactella

Artisan Roasted Cacao Beans & Nibs

Wild-harvested Hawaiian pink peppercorn 

Traditional Drinking Chocolate de Mesa

Chocolate Gift Certificates

Wedding & Special Event Chocolate

Limited Edition Chocolate Club

A true chocophile’s regular supply

Can’t get enough of our chocolate and want to be the first one to try our new and limited edition flavors and origins? This Chocolate Club is just right for you! We often receive many small shipments of cacao, fruit, or spices which we can only make into a limited run of 50-100 bars that we usually just give out to friends, but we decided to open this up to those of you that would really relish some of these rare bars. Have a soft spot for our Sumatran single origin bar you’ve tasted in one of our classes? Go crazy for the Brazilian jaboticaba fruit and want to see what it tastes like with our delicious artisanal chocolate? Heard about our rare Mesoamerican spice bars from our Kickstarter rewards but not in time to sign up as a backer? This is your chance to taste all of those things. In each shipment we’ll send you two of our most recent limited edition bar we’ve created, plus four of our regular flavors in different combinations with a theme (dark, inclusions, origins). You can be the first one to taste these and give us feedback on whether to try to turn these into larger runs of chocolate, so you can contribute to the chocolate making process!

Available in monthly or quarterly shipments and 1-12 months membership from $55 to $600


Limited Edition Bars

These bars are only available in limited quantities due to seasonal ingredients that we hand pick ourselves or can only get occasionally from farmers. Subscribe to our blog or email list to be notified when these rare and tasty bars are available for purchase.

Single Estate Hawaiian

70% Dark Chocolate

Hamakua coast, Big Island

vegan, soy-free

When we are able to obtain some of the well grown and fermented cacao beans from farmers we have cultivated close relationships with around the Hawaiian islands, we carefully crush, winnow, and conch this delicate cacao into a rich smooth chocolate reminiscent of the South Pacific breezes that warm these tropical isles. This is one of the few chocolates available that is completely grown and made on US soil.

Winner 1st place best bean-to-bar chocolate at the 2012 Big Island Chocolate Festival

$10 for a 1.5 oz bar

Xocoxochitl Chipotle Allspice

organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

Traditional chocolate flavorings of the Aztecs, the chipotles and allspice in this bar give the chocolate a little extra smoky kick, but not tongue-searingly hot. The fact that chiles are pain relievers and appetite suppressants can only make this delicious chocolate even better for you! Though the native allspice of the Caribbean and Central America has been largely replaced by cinnamon and cloves, plants introduced from Asia,  we love the rich flavor combination of allspice  so much we named this bar after the Aztec name for allspice, Xocoxochitl.

$6.50 for a 1.5 oz bar

Wedding & Special Event Chocolate

Made on request

We offer these gorgeous locally made chocolate tablet samplers for your wedding party or special event with your choice of up to 12 of our different flavors individually wrapped in glassine envelopes or biodegradable yet elegant pyramid boxes with flavor names, ribbons, and a simple note for your guests. They make a great wedding favor or treat to say thanks to your attendees with one of the only chocolates grown and made in the US. Please contact us for information on how to customize these delicious chocolate favors for your event!



We prefer to ship USPS flat rate priority mail from Hawaii to the mainland so that we can put extra padding in to make sure the chocolate bars do not break in shipping (which would not work in an envelope) and provide thermal protection (mylar, cornstarch packing peanuts, and/or ice packs) so they do not melt sitting on a runway somewhere.  Anywhere from 1 to 9 bars costs the same $8 with this method. We strive to use recycled and recyclable packing materials. If you know about more sustainable packing options, please let us know!


We currently offer international shipping to Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Germany via the “International Expedited” shipping option. If the country you want to send our chocolate to is not in this list, stay tuned and we hope to be able to add it soon so everyone around the world can enjoy our delicious chocolate too!


Sampler Pack of Five Tasty & Diverse Chocolate Bars

All 70% Dark Chocolate, vegan, and soy-free

with our best available Latin American Bars

Can’t decide which flavors to get since they all look so delicious and intriguing? Get a Sampler Pack and you'll get to taste our pick of the five best bars of what we have available now (Hawaiian 70%, Passion Fruit, Pink Peppercorn and Smoked Salt, Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger, Amaranth Crunch, Hibiscus, Domincan Republic 70% Dark, Triple Cacao, and Chipotle Allspice) , and you save $5 off what would normally be a $34 set. You can share the bars with all your friends and you'll notice you quickly have a lot more friends. 

$35 for 5 bars

Amaranth Crunch

organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

Amaranth is a “pseudo-grain” closely related to quinoa of South America and spinach, and not to the grasses that give us all the other “true” grains. Little known outside of Central America and health food shops in the US, amaranth should be called a “truer” grain since it actually has substantial quantities of all 8 of the essential amino acids, which grains are missing many of. In fact, amaranth was so substantial that it was a staple food for the Aztecs, who even molded it into large sculptures outside their impressive temples, yet, disastrously, the European conquistadores thought this food was sacrilegious and banned the Aztecs from using it, possibly leading to the Aztecs eventual collapse without their central food. Luckily it has survived into the modern day in delicious cakes called alegrias, Spanish for “joys”, made of popped amaranth seeds mixed with honey or sugar, a delicious, nutty, and healthy alternative to rice krispies! We thought this would make a great contribution to our Mexican historical line of chocolates, so we hand pop thousands of the minuscule seeds and blend them with a rich dark Mexican chocolate, given it a nice crunch, pop, and nuttiness when you bite into the bar. What could be better than eating a delicious, healthy slice of history that is called “joys”?

$6.50 for a 1.5 oz bar
Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger

55% Dark Chocolate

Hamakua coast, Big Island

vegan, soy-free

For milk chocolate lovers but still super healthy, vegan, & luscious. Made with coconut milk and organic Hawaiian ginger caramelized to a delectable  chewiness in an utterly smooth and creamy bar. After scouring first the world for a good coconut milk, and then in Hawai’i for this surprisingly hard to find rich, tropical nut, we finally decided to make our own from hand harvested coconuts from Maui & the Big Island. This is a truly local bar that we designed for our fans that are milk chocolate lovers, but since we
released it only 3 months ago, all the dark chocolate lovers have been flocking to it as well. Treat yourself to the rich, mellow, creaminess that is quickly making this bar one of our most popular! It even made the finals at the Good Food Awards for 2013.

$9 for a 1.5 oz bar

Pink Peppercorn & Smoked Salt

70% Dark Chocolate

Hamakua coast, Big Island

vegan, soy-free

Tasty spicy pink relatives of cashew and mango, called “christmas berry” in Hawaii, pink peppercorns are originally from Brazil, and they have spread across the ridges of Hawaii to a point that they are crowding out native plants. Normally the pink peppercorns you buy in the store take a circuitous route from Reunion Island to France to the US, definitely not local food! So we decided to do something about this non-local food yet invasive plant, but picking as much of the spreading trees locally in Hawaii as we can, lightly drying them, and mixing them with finely ground Hawaiian sea salt in assertive local Hawaiian dark
chocolate that lets you take part in a project of ours called Eat the Enemy where you help eat invasive plants out of existence in a delicious way!

$9 for a 1.5 oz bar

Hawaiian Passion Fruit 70% Dark Chocolate

70% Dark Chocolate

Hamakua coast, Big Island

vegan, soy-free

Calming aromatic Hawaiian passion fruit is blended with locally made Hawaiian dark chocolate, for a bar that lifts the mind and stimulates the palate. Locally called lilikoi in Hawai’i, this delicious, fragrant, tropical fruit is originally from South and Central America where parents give it to their children before bedtime to take advantage of its calming properties and get them to sleep without a fuss. You can take advantage of this amazing effect in passion fruit which has a delicious tangy taste that makes an excellent combo with our dark, fruity, Hawai’i chocolate. This is our most popular flavor to date locally in Hawai’i and we finally
have enough to make it available online to you as well. $8 for a 1.5 oz bar

$9 for a 1.5 oz bar


Deluxe Chocophile Gift Box

The Hawaiian Chocophile Deluxe Gift Box includes our chocolate bars, everything used to make our chocolate, & everything made from our chocolate, a chocolate lover’s dream! The perfect thing for all you chocolate lovers to explore all that Madre’s award-winning chocolate has to offer. You get:

  1. Madre Hawaiian 70% Chocolate Bar- made bean-to-bar in Kailua from Hamakua, Big Island cacao grown at Alae Estate by Tom Menezes of Hawaiian Crown, the best cacao we've found in Hawai‘i in 3+ years of searching the islands high and low. This bar won best bean-to-bar chocolate in Hawaii at the Big Island Chocolate Festival as judged by "Mr. Chocolate" Jacques Torres of New York’s Chocolate Haven.

  2. Madre Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger bar- made from the same award winning chocolate Hamakua chocolate plus coconut milk and organic Hawaiian ginger caramelized to a delectable chewiness in an utterly smooth and creamy bar. For milk chocolate lovers but still healthy, vegan, & soy free. Our best selling bar and a 2013 Good Food Award Finalist!

  3. Cinnamon Daddy Mactella- A vegan chocolate macadamia nut spread made with Hawaiian ingredients

  4. Wild Harvested Hawaiian Pink Peppercorn

  5. Hawaiian Cacao Nibs

  6. Indigenous Organic Soap with Hawaiian Cacao- a restoring and delicious soap made locally by Indigenous Soap from our cacao shells, to give you a nice scrub, make you smell great, and replenish your natural body oils

  7. Mauna Kea Tea Sweet Roast Green Tea- Organically grown in Honoka'a, Hawaii.  Selectively harvested for naturally low caffeine contents. Processed and roasted to make this tea good hot or cold tea.  Naturally sweet.  Easy to prepare and easy to drink without adding sugar.  This package (10g) makes 2qt of tea.

  8. Kona Gold Hawaiian Grown Vanilla Tube- Expertly grown and cured vanilla orchid beans grown in Kailua-Kona with an incredible fruity spicy sweet aroma that works in any recipe that calls for extract.

$59 for complete gift box (a $70 value)

Rosita de Cacao

70% Dark Chocolate

Dominican Republic cacao

organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

The rich, maple sugar or fenugreek scent of the flower called cacahuaxochitl by the Aztec is presented with a Dominican chocolate that stands up to heady aroma of the flower. Rosita de cacao, an intensely scented flower distantly related to cacao, is used in chocolate drinks and foams in Mexico, like tejate. The foam on these drinks was extremely popular among the Maya for centuries, being pictured on many of their burial vases that contained chocolate. This is one of the few times this rare spice has been seen and tasted outside of Mexico, your chance to be part of the true history
of chocolate. As mentioned on the 2012 Saveur magazine 100 list.

$8 for a 1.5 oz bar

Out of stock till further notice


Bean-to-bar chocolate making kit

Organic cacao beans, organic cacao nibs, cocoa butter, 70% Dark Chocolate, and a recipe.

vegan & soy-free

The perfect gift for any aspiring artisanal chocolate maker! Could it be you? This kit gives you the all the basics you need to make chocolate bars from scratch in your kitchen with standard equipment like a food processor, coffee grinder, & thermometer. You get a cute 6 oz burlap bag of cacao beans, a 3 oz muslin bag of cacao nibs we have carefully roasted to nutty perfection, organic fair-trade cocoa butter to make the recipe flow better, a bar of our finest 70% Dark Chocolate, and a recipe that explains how to turn the nibs or cacao beans into the chocolate bar in just an hour or two. There’s enough ingredients to make 6 chocolate bars, making this our best value. You can make all the flavors you always wished we made, add your own touch, make sugar-free chocolate, lavender chocolate, sun dried tomato chocolate, garlic chocolate! Ok, maybe not that last one. Before you know it, you'll be opening your own artisanal chocolate shop and wowing your friends with your chocolate crafting skills winning worldwide fame and fortune. Just remember us when you hit the big time! But seriously, this is how Madre’s founders, Nat & Dave, got started making chocolate, so why can’t you do the same?

$24.80 for entire kit


Cinnamon Daddy Mactella

A vegan chocolate macadamia nut spread made with Hawaiian ingredients.

Hamakua cacao, Kona vanilla, Kona mac nuts, and Kona cinnamon blended into a smooth, creamy, irresistible chocolate temptation! Cinnamon Daddy Mactella can be spread on your favorite bread or croissant, warmed to top vanilla pannacotta or ice cream, as a rich unctuous layer in a cake filling, or just eaten with a spoon directly out of the jar

Ingredients: Hawaiian cacao, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, organic sugar, hazelnut oil, organic Hawaiian cinnamon, Hawaiian sea salt, Hawaiian vanilla.

$11.99 for 4 oz jar                                                               

$16.99 for 6 oz jar


Artisan Roasted Cacao Beans

organic cacao beans

vegan & soy-free

Just like our cacao nibs, for those who want to use the straight, untracked bean, these expertly grown Hamakua, Big Island cacao beans are perfect as a snack, peeled and thrown in cookie and cake recipes, or turned into your own artisan chocolate! We suggest removing the papery husk before tasting the luscious bean inside. These beans have been delicately roasted to preserve their fruity, nutty flavor and to make your cooking easier.

$10 for 8 oz bag                                                    


Artisan Roasted Cacao Nibs

Organic, Fair-trade cacao nibs

vegan & soy-free

The fabled cacao nibs from which chocolate is made. You can spend these nibs, or crushed cacao beans, as currency like the Maya did, enjoy their complex, nutty, fruity taste by themselves, or add them to smoothie and brownie recipes for a chocolatey surprise. The ground nibs mixed with spices even makes a great rub for grilling meats and veggies for a robust luscious flavor!

$8 for 4 oz bag


Wildcrafted Hawaiian Pink Peppercorn

Also know in Hawai‘i as Christmas Berry from the time of year it ripens, or wilelaiki, this gently dried aromatic wild harvested pink peppercorn is great both in sweet and savory dishes as a beautiful garnish or ground spice. Since it is in the mango family it has a nice fruity finish on top of its mild peppery taste that goes great in everything from spice rubs to cupcakes. Since this plant is quite invasive, displacing native Hawaiian plants, we're hoping you'll help us with this project we call "Eat the Enemy" to eat this plant out of existence. Tasty & ecological, how can you go wrong?!

Wild harvested on O’ahu & Big Island, Hawai’i.

$3.99 for 0.5 oz bag


Traditional Spiced Drinking Chocolate de Mesa

vegan & soy free

This traditional drinking chocolate de mesa (meaning “table chocolate”) is made on O'ahu with cacao from the beautiful La Red coop of Dominican Republic and pure whole vanilla from Mexico, spiced with cinnamon & allspice. You can melt a few tablespoons of this delicious rich drinking chocolate made bean-to-drink in Hawai’i in hot water and flavor with your favorite spices, put it in smoothies, or even replace cocoa powder in baking recipes. We've had many requests for locally made drinking chocolate, so we're sure you'll love this rich smooth mix! 

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, organic cinnamon, organic allspice, vanilla bean.

$7.65 for 4.5 oz bar

Dominican Single Origin Roasted

organic, fair trade, vegan, soy-free

Since we meticulously select and taste cacao from all over Latin America, you get the benefit of tasting the beans that have been grown and fermented in the best possible conditions, tasting the terroir, minerals and growing conditions that give each chocolate its own unique taste. Eating this chocolate from near the birthplace of chocolate is really returning to the Tierra Madre, the motherland of chocolate, with its deep, rich, flavorful notes. By helping pay the organic cacao farmers of CONACADO cooperative in the Dominican Republic a living wage, you can get this chocolate straight from the source that we have lovingly roasted, crushed, winnowed, ground, and molded into beautiful bars that retain all the intricate tastes of chocolate’s birthplace.

$6.50 for a 1.5 oz bar