Chocolate Classes

Learn about the plants around you, some local, some tropical, but always delicious!

We’re teaching many exciting chocolate classes in the coming year in Hawaii, including at Lyon Arboretum, Kapiolani Community College, and University of Hawai'i Manoa. Stay tuned here or follow our Twitter feed to find out where and when the classes are happening. Here are some classes we have taught in the past on chocolate and foraging.

There are some great reviews of our previous classes:

“...learn about chocolate from the masters Nat and Dave themselves--an informative and fun way to spend a few hours” - Kahakai Kitchen Blog

Gussy Rose Blog


Make your own Hawaiian Chocolate Bar 
Every Thursday • 9:30 AM-10:30 AM


Learn about the origins of chocolate and how it is made bean-to-bar in Hawai‘i by tasting it in 3 forms: the delicious lychee-tasting fruit juice of cacao, a fresh roasted cacao bean, and a flight of 5 of our most popular chocolate flavors.  Finally, make your very own chocolate bar using Hawai‘i grown and made chocolate, choosing from a delicious selection of fruits, nuts and spices to flavor your bar, from toasted coconut to spicy chipotle pepper or Hawaiian sea salt. You will get to try Oahu’s award-winning chocolate and see how we make it, in this delicious, informative tour!

20A Kainehe St. & Kailua Rd • Kailua • $25

Every Thursday 

Beer and Chocolate Pairing 
Friday, December 13th • 7:30 - 9 pm


Everybody talks about pairing wine and chocolate, but how about another great Saturday-evening mix of fine microbrew beer with delicious locally-made gourmet chocolate? The hoppy, grainy tastes of small batch beers match very well with the rich dark nutty notes of Hawaiian single origin chocolate as well as some of the fruit and spice flavors of our other bars. Dave of Madre Chocolate will step you through some of the history of chocolate, how it's intersected with beer in the past, present, & future, while tasting some of best brews available on O'ahu with Madre Chocolate's finest chocolate bars. This class makes a great gift for the beer and chocolate loving guy or gal in your life!

20A Kainehe St. & Kailua Rd • Kailua • $35

December 13th 

O’ahu Cacao Farm & Chocolate Factory Tour
Sunday, January 5th

Windward O’ahu Cacao Farms & Our shop in Kailua, O’ahu

If you've ever wanted to see the entire process of chocolate making from start to end, this is the exact tour for you! We’ll take you to local organic cacao and diversified ag farm just 30 mins from our Kailua shop to see how the beautiful cacao tree produces its pods right off the trunk, learn how to tell when they’re ripe, taste the fresh sweet cacao pulp, help harvest cacao, and see how it’s fermented and dried. Then after an hour break for lunch at one of Kailua’s many great eateries, we’ll welcome you behind the scenes at our shop to roast, crack, & winnow cacao with us to make a traditional Mexican chocolate drink, grind and temper chocolate into tablets for you to take home or dip delicious local fruit in our rich dark chocolate to eat on the spot. You’ll be ready to start your own cacao farm & bean-to-bar chocolate shop after this tour! Kids are very welcome on this educational & inspirational tour! Contact us with any questions and if you would like to arrange a tour for your group on another date. We are happy to plan school class tours by special arrangement. Lunch & transportation not included. We work with 2 cacao farms on Oahu, one in Waiahole that is beautiful and quite rugged and we don’t recommend for people who have trouble walking, and one on the North Shore that is further away from our shop, but is flat and more accessible. Each date lists which farm we will visit. Register below. Once you register, you will receive an email a couple days before the tour giving you directions and timing. We spend about 1 hour on the farm, then give you a 1.5 hr break to drive from the farm to our Kailua shop (30-45 min) and time for lunch.  Please provide your phone number in the registration comments for last minute updates.

20A Kainehe St. • Kailua • $40

January 5th, Waiahole, 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Whiskey and Chocolate pairing in Chinatown
First Friday, December 6th • 7:30-10:30 PM


It's First Friday in Chinatown! Come on down, taste some delicious whiskeys paired with our award winning chocolates and socialize with friends. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show up any time between then and 10 PM.

OK, you’ve paired chocolate with wine, cigars, coffee and just about everything under the sun. Now, what’s left? Whiskey, of course! The caramely sweetness and peaty smokey flavor of the world’s best scotches, bourbons, and whiskeys make a great match for the complexity of chocolate, especially some of our robustly flavored chocolates like Chipotle Allspice, and Hamakua Pink Peppercorn and Smoked Salt. Nat & resident Scot, Joe of Madre Chocolate will guide you on which whiskey origins go best with which chocolate origins, while tasting some of best whiskeys available on O’ahu with Madre Chocolate's fine chocolate bars. It’s sure to make a fun & merry evening.

We'll have live music from Raye Teyssier and Juan Odeon to keep you rockin' while you're sippin'!

20A Kainehe St. & Kailua Rd • Kailua • $35

December 6th

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate-Making Class 
Sunday, January 26th 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Our shop in Kailua, O’ahu

Learn a little about the history of chocolate, enjoy a chocolate tasting, and find out how chocolate is made. Covers the many varieties of cocoa beans and chocolate, Aztec and Mayan uses of chocolate, and how to make your own chocolate bars from the bean. Varieties of chocolate bars, whether milk or dark, raw or roasted, single origin or blended, and fruity or nutty are increasing exponentially. Learn how to look at the ingredients and sort out the tasty healthy ones from the rest. Everyone participates in making delicious chocolate bars from scratch in the class. Take recipes and a bar of hand-made chocolate home with you. Contact us with any questions about the class and register below for your selected date.

20A Kainehe St. • Kailua • $50

January 26th

Madre Shop Pau Hana 
Last Friday of every month • 4:30-6 PM

Next Pau Hana is December 27th.


Have you ever wanted to see behind the scenes, taste what the mad scientists at Madre Chocolate are up to, see what new chocolate origins and flavors they are dreaming up in their Kailua shop? How about asking any question about chocolate pairing? Every last Friday of the month we are hosting a Pau Hana chocolate event where all you chocolate lovers are invited in for free to our Kailua shop to taste limited editions of the new single origin chocolates we have been working with like Indonesia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Waiahole, and Kona. We will have samples of new inclusion bars we are experimenting with like jaboticaba, jaguar cacao, and calamansi lime and if you bring in something you want to pair with chocolate (juice, wine, beer, whiskey, cheese) we would be happy to taste it and discuss with you which chocolate would taste great in combination with it. It is sure to be a fun, Friday post-work time to chat with your friends, eat great local chocolate, and explore new possibilities of chocolate combinations. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring a date!

20A Kainehe St. • Kailua • Free • No registration needed

Traditional Oaxacan Mole-Making Class 
Sunday, December 8th 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Our shop in Kailua, O’ahu

Mole, a savory sauce for meats and vegetables, is one of the most ancient forms of chocolate. From the Oaxacan mole negro to the famous mole poblano of Puebla state, Mexico, many of these delicious sauces, almost like Mexican curries, may seem complex and esoteric, but they can be made easily from ingredients readily available in Hawaii. We’ll step you through at least three of Mexico’s amazing diversity of mole dishes to see, showing you simple tricks to make these complex dishes readily accessible at home so you can prep each of the recipes you take home even on a week night. A delicious way to taste your way around Mexico!

20A Kainehe St. • Kailua • $50   

December 8th

Experience Hawaiian Cacao & Chocolate Bootcamp on Oahu 
seed to tree/bean to bar

February 25th-March 1st, 2014

Oahu cacao farms, research stations, & chocolate shops

Join us for 5-days in paradise on a journey for chocolate. Practice farm skills in cacao orchards, visit with cacao researchers and farmers, learn about fermentation and drying for cacao, get hands on with bean to bar chocolate. Come out

Do you love chocolate and thirst to learn more about how cacao is grown and made into chocolate? Never tasted the delicious lychee or mangosteen-flavored pulp of the cacao fruit? Want to see how the days-long process of fermenting cacao affects the micro-terroir of the chocolate flavor? This is the perfect tour for you! We’re having a cacao boot camp with everyone from Hawaii, mainland, European, and beyond chocolate makers and chocophiles coming out here to experience and learn cacao planting, cultivation, harvest, and fermentation and chocolate making for 5-7 days.  

We’ll introduce you to the cacao growers and fermenters throughout Oahu, an area we call the Napa Valley of cacao due to the amazing diversity of cacao flavors and microclimates in each valley up and down Windward Oahu and the North Shore. Each day we’ll visit, learn, and participate in a different aspect of cacao growing and processing with expert farmers, fermenters, agroforesters, university researchers, and chocolate makers in Hawaii’s burgeoning chocolate industry. In the only place in the US where cacao grows, you’ll have beautiful accommodations near the beaches of Lani Kai and Kailua or famous Waikiki, and you’ll be driven between each of the spots each day, with time off in the evenings to enjoy all the amazing local food that Kailua and Honolulu has to offer.

Walk into the cacao orchards of Oahu the moment you step off the plane and begin your journey into chocolate making, Hawaiian style.

Itinerary (details may change):

  1. Day 1: Cultivation: Visit a small hillside organic cacao farm on O‘ahu’s windward east coast to help plant cacao trees grown along with vanilla, taro, guava, and many other tropical fruits. We’ll test for ripeness, harvest & crack cacao pods.

  2. Day 2: Fermentation: O‘ahu cacao researchers from academia & industry will show you how fermentation can be tuned to bring out the natural fruity, acidic, aromatic, floral, and spicy flavors of cacao from different regions of Hawai'i and the world. Optional evening beach trip and group dinner.

  3. Day 3: Value added cacao, roasting, & conching

  4. AM: Morning Farm Trip: We'll visit a long-standing cacao & fruit farm on O'ahu's northeast tip, where cacao grows among bananas, papaya, taro, Passion Fruit, and vanilla in full sun within feet of the beach, and we'll see how this farm is using cacao and all their farm produce to make amazing jams, spreads, drinks, and lunches for their visitors.

  5. PM: Cacao Roasting & Starting a Grind: Chocolate Making Workshop 1. We will begin the process of chocolate making by Roasting cacao together and analyzing the steps and stages of a proper cacao bean roast. Then we will crack and winnow the beans to prepare them for the grinder.

  6. Day 4: Cacao agroforestry, conche completion, & inclusions

  7. AM: Morning Field Trip: We'll visit the experts at the Hawai‘i Agricultural Research Center to see how they raise hundreds of cacao seedlings in a shaded nursery, work cacao in with an agroforestry program interspersed with native Koa trees, and how cacao is selected and bred for Hawaii's unique climate. 

  8. PM: Chocolate with Inclusions: Chocolate Making Workshop 2. We will check on the progress of our grind begun the afternoon prior and taste farm-specific Hawaiian cacao as fine chocolate. We’ll practice adding inclusions to tempered chocolate, preparing chocolate molds and pouring bars.

  9. Day 5: tree-to-bar, tempering, wrapping

  10. AM: Morning Farm Trip: Visit and learn about making chocolate tree-to-bar at the pioneering Lonohana farm on the North Shore within site of the famous Banzai Pipeline surf spot. We'll talk to Lonohana's founder Seneca about how he started a cacao farm on Pupukea's gentle slopes and how he's turning this unique cacao into Hawai'i's newest esteemed chocolate in his Honolulu shop.

  11. PM: Finished Fine Chocolate: Chocolate Making Workshop 3. We will remove our chocolate batch from the grinder, check the micron levels for smoothness, practice with the tempering machine and pour our freshly made chocolate into bars. Once they are set we can wrap them to take home, or eat them!

  12. Catch your plane via our private shuttle van or stay and enjoy the whiskey and chocolate pairing evening.

Your expert guides Dave & Nat have traveled and tasted and researched cacao all across the Hawaiian Islands, Bali, Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil over the past 16 years, working with cacao growers, chocolate makers, and chefs. Through this experience they will give you direct insights and connections with the people who make chocolate part of their lives everyday. Come experience the history and creation of chocolate as you never thought possible.

Price: $1498 for tours, material, food, & transportation, excluding airfare & hotel


  1. All Ground Transportation – Field Trip, Farm Trips, Sunset Beach Trip, Airport Pick-Up and Departure Drop-Off, Scheduled Program Activities. For best transportation we request that participants stay with our lodging partners.

  2. Breakfast Daily at lodging partner and Lunch Daily with group. Options for vegetarian, vegan and special dietary needs are available upon request.

  3. Raw Materials for Chocolate Making in Program, Field Note Book for Farm Trips, Chocolate for Tasting Sessions and Cacao Pods for fermentation practice.

  4. Workshops, Farm Tours, Facilitators and Instructors, Private Group Transportation and a real fun time.

Does Not Include: Dinner meal, extracurricular tours or side trips, lodging.

Accommodations: We have arranged group rates of $100-200/night for Waikiki (Honolulu) and Windward Oahu hotels that we will send you on receipt of deposit.

Deposit: A deposit of $716 is required to reserve your space. To pay by credit card via paypal, click here:

or call 808-377-6440.

Payment may be made by check mailed to Madre Chocolate at

PO Box 12172

Honolulu HI 96828

with program registration form.

We can’t wait to have you join us on this journey from seed to tree to bean to bar!

Chocolate Tasting Tour of the World

Thursday, August 8th, 7:30-8:15

Learn about the origins of chocolate and how it is made bean-to-bar in Hawai‘i by tasting it in 14 forms. Learn the history of cacao & chocolate in Central America and Hawaii, and how this blossoming crop in Hawaii is creating some world renowned chocolate being bought up in Belgium, Holland, the mainland, and all across the state. After a brief history, we’ll run through a tasting of 14 chocolates in flights of percentage, single origins, and flavored chocolates from around the world that Madre Chocolate has to offer.

20A Kainehe St. & Kailua Rd • Kailua • $20

August 8th 

Design Your Own Chocolate Class 

Having something you would love to know about chocolate? Want the perfect holiday or birthday gift? For a minimum of 10 people or $500 we can put together a custom chocolate class for you at our shop in Kailua, O’ahu or at your home on O’ahu or Hawai‘i. We have done private classes for bachelorette parties, wedding parties, local ag events, and children’s school groups. We can cover topics from wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, & cigar pairings with chocolate, delicious local chocolate truffle & bon bon making, chocolate history, single origin chocolate tastings, chocolate drinks from around the world, and bean-to-bar chocolate making. Turn all of your friends & family into Willy Wonka for an afternoon! Please Contact us with any questions and to setup a class.

Quotes from happy customers:

“Everyone had a fantastic time and several of them told me they thought it was a great and creative way to do a bachelorette party.”

“We had such a great time and I really appreciate what you all have done to execute such a wonderful evening for my sister and her friends.”

Madre Chocolate Gift Certificate for any occasion

Good for any chocolate or classes we offer

Not sure what your favorite chocolate lover might like or when their available for a class? Just get them one of these convenient gift certificates that will allow them to pick out exactly what they want. After purchase you can enter their email and have the certificate emailed to them so they can use it online, or you can print it out so you can hand it to them personally. Make a your chocophile’s imagination run wild with possibilities of bars they can sample and classes to teach them the ins and outs of chocolate making. Get a $25 certificate so they can get a selection of our different delicious origin chocolates, get a $50 certificate so they can sign up for one of the great bean-to-bar chocolate making classes we offer every month on O’ahu, or get them a $100 certificate so they can have a class and a chocolate sampling!

Available for anywhere from $5-1000, selectable when adding to cart

  1. Pick the “Email Gift Certificate” on the left if you want to print the gift certificate yourself to send to someone or have it email to them.

  2. Pick the “Hardcopy Gift Certificate” if you want us to print and mail a hardcopy of the elegant certificate for an additional $5.

If you want to see a preview of our teaching, please check out these videos and interviews: 

Foraging in the Lower East Side.

The strange effects of the Miracle Fruit on your taste buds.

Interview on KCRW's Good food radio show about chocolate making, 44 minutes into the show, if you want to learn more about the process. 


Register for the classes soon as they fill up quickly! If a class is full, it won’t let you register for it online.

Upcoming Classes:

Make Your Own Hawaiian Chocolate Bar, Every Thursday

Whiskey & Chocolate Pairing in Chinatown, First Friday, December 6th

Traditional Oaxacan Mole Making Class, Sunday, December 8th

Beer and Chocolate Pairing, Friday, December 13th

Madre Shop Pau Hana, Friday, December 27th

O’ahu Cacao Farm & Chocolate Factory Tour, Sunday,  January 5th

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate-Making Class, Sunday, January 26th

Explore Hawaiian Cacao & Chocolate Bootcamp, Feb 25-Mar 1

Our registration policy is that we offer a full refund minus a $5 booking fee per ticket if you need to cancel at least 2 days before the class date, otherwise we offer to rebook for another date or apply your credit to chocolate. Please include your phone number in the buyer’s notes on your purchase so we can call you with same-day updates.